The Complete AAMC QPACK 1 CARS Passage Dissections Report
‚Äč 21 Step-By-Step Walkthroughs Showing You Exactly How 130+ CARS Scorers Go Through Real AAMC CARS Passages, Analyze Questions and Answer Choices, and Consistently Pinpoint the Right Answers!

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"The passage dissections are very detailed and the logical step-by-step explanation is definitely helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer."

Peter Kim
CARS: 127, MCAT: 513

Complete 130+ Scorer CARS Passage Dissections$24

How To Start Thinking Like a 130+ CARS Scorer

How To Analyze Question Stems To Get Right Answer Hints

How To Go Through Each Answer Choice and Identify The Correct One

How To Eliminate The Wrong Answer Choices Quickly and Accurately

How To Go Through The Passages and Pick Up Only The Most Important Points

How To Find The Main Idea of the Passage Quickly and Accurately

*Does Not Come With the AAMC Questions/Passages

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I thought it was incredibly useful, especially the part where it walks you through a practice AAMC passage. It was nice to see a detailed thought process written out for others to use. Something I did that helped, was complete the passage on my own and then read the explanation given in the mastery report to see where I could improve!"

Jenny Paul
CARS: 128, MCAT: 511

I would 100% recommend this report to anyone struggling with CARS. I have been going through the passage dissections and they are a lifesaver. I always found myself struggling on two of the harder passages in each CARS section of the practice exams I was taking because I could not grasp the main idea. These lost points always ended up affecting my score significantly.

Learning to break the passages down by paragraph and then tying it all in to the main idea has not only helped me save time in answering questions but also increased my overall score.
I'm slowly finding my way through these passages and am more able than ever before to point out little tricks and traps that no longer cause me to fall for them. I have seen my score increase in the CARS section alone from a 123 to a 126 within one week of really strapping down and going over the AAMC logic. 

Joelle Fink
3 Point CARS Score Increase In One Week